MeeBits - "Kicks" NFT
Create a variant of an NFT based on the IP of the MeeBits brand. Kicks would be built to show the unique footwear that each MeeBit wears in the vast 10,000 collection owned by YugaLabs.
May 2022
Danny Greene & Tee (MeeBits DAO General Manager and GM In-Training)

The MeeKicks
Our first port of call was to gather as much information on the MeeBits brand as possible, we hit the ground running with pre-test viz and development inside Unity3D (preferred engine). This was extremely helpful based on the volume of NFTs we would produce. We created 87 unique core base kicks (Meebits shoes/trainers) to which a generative process was used at time of minting to make make the NFTs have the unique ID and name. We rendered out 4K, 2K and 240p-720p Gifs, MP4s and a variety of other digital content for Danny to use on Opensea and for Marketing and socials.

We bespoke programmed a generative system inside Unity to render each NFT with unique traits out to a .MP4 video file.

Many iterations of design were developed and checked over before moving forward to the next stage of development.

You'll find the collection is currently at 1.8K items, 723 owners with a total volume of 1.5 Eth and a floor price of 0.02 (16/09/22).

Overall this project was very intense and detailed. Lots of meticulous planning and development went into producing the output files for the DAO.

We were humbled by completing on this project, and continue to be in awe of the success!
Danny Greene - MeeBits Brand Lead for YugaLabs

"It is such a pleasure to work with Matt and Graham from Mentallic Design. They are creative, efficient, and reliable. Working with them is to have a real partner in creative and artistic development. They ask great questions and are thinking about not just the artistic output, but the functionality. This is very helpful when designing assets that will be rigged for metaverse virtual lands such as Decentraland or others. They accept feedback very well and have a total commitment to excellence. I highly recommend them."

Josh Pitts - Co-Founder of Tokenize

"I've had the incredible opportunity to work with Matt and see his extraordinary talents bring new life to our project. He's focused, detailed and an amazing team member and leader! I've worked with many artists and developers in the past, and I can say without question that Matt is one of the best and easiest to work with."

Charles Odenz - Owner of Lockbox Escape Rooms

"I am an escape room owner and when the pandemic hit I had to pivot to a new way of delivering my product. When I found Matt, he was excited about the prospect of helping with this project and delve right in. His artwork is amazing! He is easy to communicate with and the dedication to the quality of his work is apparent in all our online escape room games. He is honest, fair and if he doesn't know something, he has resources to help find the answer and accomplish the goal. I highly recommend him and the team if you are in need of a unity developer or anything artwork or 3D related. He is an artistical genius!"

RΞY - Internationally recognized Artist

"Great attitude, utmost professionalism and above all, an admirable team that work hard to meet the expectations of each client."