About Us
We’re a group of creative thinkers who are designing and building content from game development, interactive products, to the #Metaverse and #NFT digital landscape.

Our passion for creating unique and beautiful 3D models and environments is powered by a variety of software including; Maya, Blender, Unity3D, Substance3D and many more!

Poised to be the first stop for a client's MVP or conceptual product we offer a variety of services to suit your company's needs.

We have several high-profile projects completed with some widely known and recognized clients in the world.


Our clients include:

Rick Ross (Interactive NFTs)
Yuga Labs
(Home of BAYC, MAYC, Otherside, Cryptopunks, and Meebits)
Currently In-Development / On-Going
DAO (MeeKicks NFT) Website
Punk Group NFT CollectiveTwitter
HitPiece (Meta Lounge/Un-announced NFT Collection) Website
VVAMP Footwear (Decentraland Stores/Sandbox/Substrata/OVR.ai & many more Metaverse locations) Website


MaxCapacity Synth/Retro/Distorted & Glitch Artist Twitter
Daniel Taylor (Clients include: Disney, Marvel, Adobe, Mondo, Playboy, Shedworks (Sable)) Instagram
RΞY aka Pablo Esteban Sánchez Rijlaarsdam
(270 works on canvas, 500+ works on paper, 38 solo exhibits, 68 group exhibits)
Twitter Website

Our Services

3D Modelling
Using industry standard tools like Maya and Blender to create 3D models and visualise ideas.
Conceptual Design
Bringing ideas to life and building MVP products.
Game Development
Full GDP design, Game mechanics, testing and development using Unity3D game development engine.
NFT/Metaverse Design
Designing and building NFT Projects and Metaverse ideas for people to play and interact with.
Level Design
Bringing to life interactive and immersive environments for people to explore and enjoy.
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality design and programming for all platforms (Oculus, Vive)