MeeBits - DCL Merch vs IRL
We were tasked with creating a visually soothing and welcoming lounge room for which users would be able to enjoy and share music NFTs to friends and followers.
March 2022
Rory Felton, Jason Nunnelly - HitPiece
We started with some visual boards, mood boards based on what the client wanted the room to look like. We use this process regularly to bring the client on the journey with us and be deeply involved with us as we build out the first stages.

We built an interactive gamified experience using Unity3D (our preferred engine/platform). The user needed to side load a blockchain wallet from the Ethereum EVM. Be able to play and listen to music NFTs from this wallet and then display the music in the form of records which would appear inside the lounge for the user to re-arrange and display elsewhere within the room on the walls.

Users can also take a seat and relax while taking in the visuals of the space and listen to music.

The project also wanted to scope ahead to the future to allow users invitees to come in and explore the curated music content and listen to the chosen music on the walls.

Working with several other developers, we worked with bleeding edge technology which is always changing and brought challenges we revelled in over coming.

The end result is a stunning and deep experience for people to enjoy and soak up the vibes of a metamuscial masterpiece!
Danny Greene - MeeBits Brand Lead for YugaLabs

"It is such a pleasure to work with Matt and Graham from Mentallic Design. They are creative, efficient, and reliable. Working with them is to have a real partner in creative and artistic development. They ask great questions and are thinking about not just the artistic output, but the functionality. This is very helpful when designing assets that will be rigged for metaverse virtual lands such as Decentraland or others. They accept feedback very well and have a total commitment to excellence. I highly recommend them."

Josh Pitts - Co-Founder of Tokenize

"I've had the incredible opportunity to work with Matt and see his extraordinary talents bring new life to our project. He's focused, detailed and an amazing team member and leader! I've worked with many artists and developers in the past, and I can say without question that Matt is one of the best and easiest to work with."

Charles Odenz - Owner of Lockbox Escape Rooms

"I am an escape room owner and when the pandemic hit I had to pivot to a new way of delivering my product. When I found Matt, he was excited about the prospect of helping with this project and delve right in. His artwork is amazing! He is easy to communicate with and the dedication to the quality of his work is apparent in all our online escape room games. He is honest, fair and if he doesn't know something, he has resources to help find the answer and accomplish the goal. I highly recommend him and the team if you are in need of a unity developer or anything artwork or 3D related. He is an artistical genius!"

RΞY - Internationally recognized Artist

"Great attitude, utmost professionalism and above all, an admirable team that work hard to meet the expectations of each client."