HitPiece x Rick Ross
Tasked with creating Rick Ross in digital form. His likeness and clothing with iconic apparel being key. To be used in an upcoming NFT Collection.
March 2022
We built several bespoke systems to amalgamate all the modelled pieces together using Unity3D.

Using a combination of Reallusion, Maya and Substance Painter software we created the iconic and Grammy award nominated "Rick Ross" as a digital version of himself. Using detailed imagery and feedback information from HitPiece and Ricks team we crafted all the components which we would then bring together and stage using a bespoke weighted code system allowing not only random but specific selections to be mixed together and build out individual interactable NFTs.

This was a very enjoyable project, especially getting to meet and speak with Ricks closest team members of which we have great admiration for. With Ricks unique style and glamour the finished pieces are full of sparkle and shine, his brands are fore front and centre - Belaire, Rap Snacks amongst others.

The NFT collection will further enhance the "Boss" and his brand into the Metaverse and Web3 area. We expect to be collaborating with all involved well into the future and with some very special additions and new features to be added over time.

Look out for "Boss Land" in the near future.